My favorite places in Barcelona

THE MOVING FEET - My favorite places in Barcelona


Hi guys, nice to see you back on the blog! Summertime is coming so I thought it was finally time to write an article about my favorite places in Barcelona. I have been a little bit absent these last two weeks because of my exams but I’m done now, I am finally on holidays!! I have been 3 or 4 time in Barcelona, I think… and I always had so much fun as my previous visits. That place is very special! If you were planning to go there soon, I hope this post will help you find some other nice places to visit. Have fun reading!

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Lace up skirt

THE MOVING FEET - Lace up skirt


Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I wanted to share with you another spring/summer outfit that I really enjoy wearing. I was shopping in Barcelona when I entered Stradivarius and I saw this skirt. I completely fell in love with the detail on the left side which looks different from any other skirt (it’s actually a short, but it seems to be a skirt from the front).

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Oversized shirt in Barcelona

THE MOVING FEET - Oversized shirt in Barcelona


Hi guys! Last week in Barcelona, I could get out of my wardrobe some summer clothes thanks to the weather. Today I wanted to share with you the first outfit I wore there. I borrowed a shirt to my father (I really like to wear oversized shirts at the moment!) that I kind of put into my shorts. This casual outfit (“casual” haha, It got me at least 5 minutes to put my shirt into my shorts a way it would look nice!) but anyway it looked nice after all. A bohemian bag, sandals and I was ready to go!

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