Cozumel, Island of Mexico

On December 25th 2018, we took off and flew to Cozumel, a small island of Mexico. We escaped for one week, to a beautiful corner of the world.  For the first time of my life, I spent Christmas on the beach! From beaches to small restaurants, I absolutely loved the vibe of this tiny island. The island is so small, it only takes about an hour to get from one end to the other. As we were driving along the east coast, I got to see the most beautiful water I had ever seen.


Favorite spots in Cozumel :
  • Benito Juarez Park
  • La Monina restaurant and beach club
  • Punta Sur Beach
  • Mayan Ruins San Gervasio
  • Coconuts Bar and Grill
  • Paradise Beach






Christmas in Mexico






Mayan Ruins of San Gervasio



We also stopped by the Mayan Ruins of San Gervasio. I found it so interesting to get to learn about the Mayan culture in just over an hour as we were walking around the different ruins.





















Blue water









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