Hello there, welcome to my blog!


I guess you do not know a lot about me if you just landed on this page. Let me introduce myself a little.

My name is Hebe, I am Belgian and Spanish and I live in Brussels. I just turned eighteen and I love to travel. I decided to create a blog to share different life experiences and places I visit as I travel around the world.


I started traveling on my own a little over a year ago. I have always loved to get to meet new people and visit new places. By traveling so much, I have learned to become independant and resourceful. I believe that as you face difficulties, you learn how to overcome them and grow from it. The more I have traveled the more I have noticed that different cultures, languages or currencies really are just an illusion of difference. At the end, we all are human beings with so much in common and so much to share to the rest of the world. Such a cultural enrichment is worth more than anything else to me.


I now let you go ahead and click on any link that you might find intriguing on this blog. I hope you will enjoy my personality and the content of my website. I hope to see you again soon,