La Mezquita, a Southern Spain Cathedral

First post traveling in Spain. That is actually funny because I am half Spanish. Crazy none of the previous posts were about my second home. Well, let’s start with this one. A summer, a few years ago, we decided to drive down and visit Andalusia, southern Spain where I had never traveled to. We stopped by the most famous and well known cities such as Granada, Ronda, Cordova, Marbella,… Here is a first post of my Southern Spain series with pictures of La Mezquita cathedral in Córdoba or Cordova in English.

A piece of art. As I walked inside the immense Mezquita, I was astonished by the beauty of this cathedral. Its architecture captivated my eyes for hours. I contemplated its illustrious archs and columns and genuially couldn’t stop looking. This fascinating construction is, with the Alhambra in Granada (no,worries, more on that in a following post), are the two gems of my trip around Andalucia. Well, of course I will tell you my country is beautiful. But if you don’t believe me, have a look at these shots and dare tell me I am a liar. I like not to visit a place twice, and use my traveling opportunities to take my eyes elsewhere new. But I would be pleased to go back and rediscover the place, as a grown person with a different eye on history and art. I believe these monuments have a unique history within their walls, that where built in a different time in a very different world, and it is always so exciting for me to investigate the reason of their existence.

Click here for additional information on La Mezquita, hope you’ll like these few pictures!






























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