Lace up skirt

THE MOVING FEET - Lace up skirt


Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I wanted to share with you another spring/summer outfit that I really enjoy wearing. I was shopping in Barcelona when I entered Stradivarius and I saw this skirt. I completely fell in love with the detail on the left side which looks different from any other skirt (it’s actually a short, but it seems to be a skirt from the front).

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Oversized shirt in Barcelona

THE MOVING FEET - Oversized shirt in Barcelona


Hi guys! Last week in Barcelona, I could get out of my wardrobe some summer clothes thanks to the weather. Today I wanted to share with you the first outfit I wore there. I borrowed a shirt to my father (I really like to wear oversized shirts at the moment!) that I kind of put into my shorts. This casual outfit (“casual” haha, It got me at least 5 minutes to put my shirt into my shorts a way it would look nice!) but anyway it looked nice after all. A bohemian bag, sandals and I was ready to go!

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White is the new black

THE MOVING FEET - White is the new black


Hi guys!

How are you ? I hope you had a great weekend! Today I wanted to share with you this outfit with white pants for the winter. I bought one a few days ago because I didn’t have any in my closet but I did have a lot of look ideas.

We sometimes forget it but white is a colour that match perfectly with all the others! It also allows to revive very easily any lustreless outfit. During this time of the year we wear warm coats, jackets and hats but they generally are really dark. White recalls very well the winter and the snow. Unfortunately we didn’t had so much this winter…

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You can’t cook happiness but you can cook frozen yogurt

THE MOVING FEET - You can't cook happiness but you can cook frozen yogurt



Hi guys!
How are you ? Today I wanted to share with you this recipe of super tasty, healthy and calories less yogurt bites!

As teenagers, one of the most important topic is the alimentation ; eating healthy, being careful with the chocolate, … I guess you see what I am talking about haha.
Like the majority of the teenagers, when I come back home I eat a lot (and not so healthy…) That’s why I wanted to find a snack that could be tasty and calories less for everyday! So I invented this yogurt bites.

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Good food, good mood

THE MOVING FEET - Good food, good mood


Hi guys!
Last week I have been walking down the streets in Brussels and I have discovered lot of places I never went to before. At noon we had stopped in a restaurant called : Le Cercle des Voyageurs. It’s a small restaurant located near the Manneken Pis. This restaurant offers art exhibitions, conferences, projections, readings and more every evenings of the week. The decoration is also really nice : there is an open-kitchen and really original decorations like plants and old suitcases on the walls!

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Baby it’s so cold outisde!

THE MOVING FEET - Baby, it's so cold outside!


We started the winter a month ago (if I can call it this way because we are cold since few weeks already 😅) so I decided to buy me some presents! I just received my Napapijri jacket that I ordered last week. That order have been all an adventure… I wanted to buy the men model (because I thought it will look better) in size M but the jacket was rarely available. Finally, after two weeks of researches and lots of checks on the website I could buy it! BTW the best time to order is at 6:30 am (ups!)

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