Bolivia : Altiplano and the Bolivian Amazon


On July 15th ,2018, I took off and flew over the Atlantic to Bolivia. I learned about a very different culture than mine. Different but humanly very enriching. I was confronted with another reality and another lifestyle that changed my perspective on things. I was absolutely fascinated by the landscapes of this country. Bolivia is a country we don’t hear much about, but it is truly beautiful. But more than anything, I was fascinated by the inner beauty of the people I met. I immediately felt welcomed and socially integrated, which gave me the chance to discover so much about the culture. People usually say that it is very different when you visit a country with locals, and I agree. I was lucky to know people from Bolivia, and that gave me a totally different experience than any other tourist would have had.
My first stop was La Paz, and shortly after, I visited many other places such as Tiahuanaco, Rurrenabaque, Copacabana, Sucre and many more…

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