Bolivia : Uyuni Salt Flats

While traveling around Bolivia, after I visited the area of the altiplano, I then headed south to stop by the famous salt lakes. This place is so famous because it is the largest salt lake on earth, but its reputation obviously is due to the spectacular mirror effect that happens when there is water on it. If you told me you had never seen any picture of this place before, I wouldn’t believe you! The pictures let such a small part of the whole beauty of the place to be seen. I find it so frustrating when I want to take a picture of a pretty place, but it just does not look ANYTHING ALIKE. Words and pictures cannot express the feeling that is felt once there. There are kilometers and kilometers of salt, and when a layer of water reflects the sky, it looks like you are in the clouds. You cannot distinguish the horizon line and separate the sky from the salt. It is such a weird feeling. But it is and will probably remain the most beautiful place I have visited in my life. 

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