New York City under the snow

Since I was in the US doing my year abroad, I knew I had to go visit New York City at some point. I decided to spend part of spring break there, with three of my best friends from Europe that came over to see me. Those were the eight BUSIEST days of my life. Just picture us, we hadn’t seen each other for a while, had so much to catch up on and so many places to go visit. I had always wanted to visit NY and what better than with them, walking around and laughing all day long. It is, in my opinion, a very unique city. At many levels, but more than anything, because of its architecture. From what one of the girls told me, since she had been to NY twice already, NYC is very different in the winter and the summer. Well, for my first time there, we got a snowy and really cold version of New York. Let me tell you that walking around in cold weather for around ten hours a day, had us frozen every night, back in the hotel room. Absolutely FROZEN. Here are pictures from the first part of my trip : Manhattan, Brooklyn and Soho.

When I talk about the unique architecture of NY, I bet you picture those immense skyscrapers and endless avenues that draw a grid on the city. I believe these are what give the city its beauty and, most importantly, its identity. In fact, I think that identity can be felt even more at night; when avenues are lit up and thousands of small squares of light can be seen. Each of them from an office or appartement, at each floor of the buildings. Like if millions of fireflies were perched on them.











From the High Line







Brooklyn and Street Art







New York City’s Subway




Grand Central





World Trade Center Mall and Memorial















Our favorite restaurant by far : the STARDUST








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